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Model 7044 Series, Orbital - Siphons from a bucket - 3 2/3" X 7" pad

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ORBITAL ACTION. World's most versatile water sander. 20' High-Pressure Water Hose with filtered, venturi-generated flow, guarantees effective water sanding anywhere. Just drop the hose in any appropriate water container, adjust the flow - and do it! New High Performance Motor using a balanced rotor with 2-piece self-expanding vanes for unexcelled torque provides constant power for any sanding need. Unique bypass system protects all motor components from moisture ensuring long-life productivity. Features a medium-density pad for all preliminary sanding needs, then use the Interface Pad for superb finish sanding and removal of defects in clear coats. Comes complete with General Purpose Pad, Interface Finishing Pad, and 20' H.P.Water Hose. Pad size 3 2/3" X 7" (Paper 3 2/3" X 7" Velcro or 3 2/3" X 9 Clip-On Paper)
  • RPM: 8500+
  • Wt: 4lbs. 1oz.
  • Air Consumption: 10.4 cfm @ 90 PSI
  • Noise Level: 81 dBa

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View Image Download File 7044 Water Sander- Orbital - Siphons from a bucket 3 2/3" x 7" 3/32" $620.20