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Model 7544 Series, Random Orbital 3/32 offset

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Random Orbit Action. A very versatile water sander. Whether you are bringing a faded hull back to life, preparing a mold, or sanding your boat's bottom for performance the Model 7544 Waterbug III reduces your wet sanding time from hours to minutes! High-Pressure Water Hose with filtered, venture-generated flow, guarantees effective water sanding anywhere. Low profile, lightweight, random-orbit sander. The ultimate in multi-action sanders. Lightweight eliminates fatigue. Low profile guarantees operator control. Precision speed-control ensures versatile choices, from preliminary surface preparation to immaculate finishes. It has low air consumption and infinitely adjustable water control allows the 7544 Waterbug III to be used for all your wet sanding needs.
  • RPM:10000+
  • Wt 2lbs 4oz
  • Air Consumption 11.0 cfm @ 90 PSI
  • Noise Level: 80 dBa
  • Part No. 7544 - Comes with Standard Hookit Pad
  • Part No. 7544RH - Comes with Hookit ll Pad
  • Pad Size 6"

Image Parts Breakdown Part No. Description Pad Size Offset Pad Type Qty Price
View Image Download File 7544 Water Sander- Random Orbital 6" 3/32" Hook $534.65