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Aluminum Sanding 

Aluminum sanding is the future of our Industry.  Hutchins Mfg has the right tools to give your shop the cutting edge in Aluminum Sanding equipment it needs.






Free  "For Aluminum Only" composite trigger with purchase of any NEW ProFinisher for your dedicated Aluminum repair area. 

By converting to our "Aluminum Only" composite trigger you are alerting your shop to use this sander only on Aluminum surfaces.  Fill in and submit the email form below to receive at no charge, a color-coded trigger for your new sander identifying it as an "Aluminum Only" sander.  



PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MODEL, SERIAL NUMBER AND DATE OF PURCHASE in the email message or your request cannot be fulfilled.

Offer valid only to addresses in the Continental United States.

Free Red Aluminum Trigger with Purchase

Aluminum resources



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1.  How to designate your ProFinisher as an Aluminum-Only sander

2.  Understanding the basic procedures when sanding Aluminum

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