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Aluminum Sanding AND hUTCHINS sANDERS

Confused about all the Aluminum Sanding Hype?

Want simple solutions to this complex question? 

When it comes to surface preparation for Automotive Aluminum applications;
Hutchins has the answers!

Both the Automotive Industry and ICAR recommend using an approved vacuum system when sanding Aluminum to avoid surface cross contamination so start by choosing the vacuum used by more Original Equipment Manufacturers than all others combined!  Choose Eurovac!

To outfit your vacuum system; there are four procedures to consider:

SHAPING: Once you’ve straightened the panel, you’ll need to shape your fillers & putty. The Hutchins 4920H Hustler is the industry’s leading straight-line sander.

PRE-PAINT PREP: Use our model 720 ProFinisher™ Random Orbit sander with its 5/16” off set to featheredge filler, putty or existing painted surfaces for refinish.  For small area sanding choose the Model 623 ProFinisher ™ sander

PAINT PREP AND POST PAINT PROCEDURES: Our model 520 ProFinisher™ Random Orbit sander has a 3/32” offset making it ideal for your paint prep area. This model can also be used for all clearcoat dry sanding operations.  For small imperfection sanding; model 523 with either the 3” or 1” pad is the best choice 

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Because Aluminum dust is potentially explosive; we recommend using our Anti-Static air hoses to ground all sanding equipment to greatly reduce the possibility of static arcing.  1361-3A-35 (35') or 1361-3A-50 (50')

For more information contact your local ICAR instructor, the specific vehicle manufacturer or Hutchins Manufacturing



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